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One of our main concerns is the support of members who have come into need. In close cooperation with ESRA we create opportunities in order to get those affected the best possible help. The supplementary financial support payments constitute an essential part of the comprehensive aid. In order to accomplish these tasks, we need your donations – thereby, we place the utmost importance on the careful and efficient use of financial resources. By specifying the target project, your donation will be bound to the respective project. Unspecified donation funds will be used where they are most urgently needed. Bank transfer: Spendenkonto TMICHA- Verein zur Unterstützung Hilfsbedürftiger IBAN: AT43 6000 0005 1001 0051 BIC: OPSKATWW or via PayPal – to donation form


Last will and inheritance

Live on and be remembered

What remains when I go? How will I be remembered?

Sometimes these questions move many people. Making a will helps you to answer those questions. It makes clear what is important for us in life and that we wish to protect it after we are gone. A will is the future and your last will can be a beginning.

Every inheritance – whether large or small – provides trust and hope.

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The Good Wishes Donation

I wish to donate

There are countless occasions to send congratulations to family, friends, or acquaintances. For example, on the High Holidays, as thank you for a nice evening, for getting engaged, for a wedding anniversary, for a birthday, instead of flowers, for a birth, for a passed exams, for a Bar and Bat Mitzvah, etc. And celebrations and the sharing of common joy together is one of the most beautiful Mitzvot (good deeds)! We send the greeting card with your very personal message and notify the recipient for whom a donation is made on your behalf.

I do (not) want to get presents

Multiply your happiness: Fundraiser for a special occasion Are you celebrating a party yourself and you do not wish to get presents? You want to share your happiness with other people? We organise a collective fundraiser for a project that you are attached to, in which all guests and well-wishers can participate.

Donation opportunity and sending cards from € 18
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